1/4 inch UV sensors with SIC photodiode signal output

1/4 inch UV sensors with SIC photodiode signal output

analog 3/4-inch UV sensors

analog 1/4-inch UV sensor

analog DVGW compliant UV sensor

analog 1/4-inch UV sensor made of PTFE

analog ÖNORM compliant UV sensor

digital ÖNORM compliant UV Sensor 

digital side-looking UV Sensors with RS485 interface

digital 1/4 inch UV Sensor 

digital 3/4 inch UV Sensor  

digital 1/4-inch sensor made of PTFE

digital DVGW compliant UV Sensor 

ZED Reference Sensors according to ÖNORM M5873-1

Measurement Window Adapter MF001-A adapts G1/4" UV-Sensors to G1" threads

Measurement Window MF001 for mounting DVGW/ÖNORM compliant UV-Sensors

operating and displaying software for ZED sensors

1/4 inch temperature sensors with digital interface

temperature sensors with digital interface

UV-Monitor PRO16DPI-I with integrated hour counter and alarm relay

UV-Monitor PRO3 for use with UV-sensors with photodiode signal output

UV-Monitor PRO30D-I and PRO30D-U dual channel signal converter and UV-C / temperature monitor

UV-Monitor PRO11DPI-I with integrated hour counter, alarm + warning relay, 2 switching inputs

reference measuring device for checking plant sensors according to ÖNORM M5873

reference measuring device / universal handheld unit for ZED sensors


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