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Experts in UV-C Components
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Components for UV Systems

for purification and disinfection applications using UV radiation
 ...in water: waste water, drinking water, process water, greenhouse water,
     swimmingpools, ponds...
 ...in air: fresh air, polluted air, kitchen exhaust air...
New products

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ZED SmartMeter - universal handheld unit for ZED sensors
SensorConfigurator - operating and displaying software for ZED sensors
Sensor D-SiCONORM-REF - reference sensor according to ÖNORM/DVGW
Sensor D-VUV 185nm - for checking ozone producing lamps
Modula - operation units for 1, 2 or 3 UV-C lamps with total power 600W


we offer
  • development, production and sales
    of standard electronic ballasts and ballasts with enhanced operation features for low-pressure and amalgam UV-lamps, power range 5W...1200W,
  • development and sales of UV lamps for standard and special applications,
  • development, production and sales of control units for operating and monitoring UV lamps, allowing stand-alone operation or connection to PLC,
  • development, production and sales of UV sensors and UV monitors for measuring/monitoring relative and absolute UV intensities, with hour counting, status indication...
  • custom-tailored solutions for the domain of water- , air- and process technology
Specials & Customers Application
Control & Measurement 
Electronic Ballasts 
Integrated Solutions 
UV Lamps & Sleeves 
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