Digital Communication

The internal digital processing of the ZED digital ballasts and D-sensors combined with digital communication interfaces allows the constant monitoring and control of all important parameters in UV systems.

Digital ZED ballasts can be remotely controlled, e.g. started, stopped, dimmed etc. via digital commands. They provide information relating to lamp/ballast operation state, lamp power, lamp current, mains voltage or ballast temperature. Using control units the ballasts can be adjusted optimally to the conditions on site.

Digital ZED UV-C sensors provide a larger total measurement range than common analog sensors. They implement several internal measurement ranges in combination with an integrated automatic range selection. The digital signal transmission allows longer cables and longer distances between measuring position and monitoring unit.

The digital devices communicate with the control unit via RS485 bus systems. ZCON protocol is used for the ready-to-use ZED control units. These units are optimized for operating UV-C systems mainly containing ballasts and sensors. The ModBus protocol allows partners and customers to integrate digital ZED components directly in their systems using their own PLC.

ZED control units can be used as interface between customers PLC and the digital ballasts and sensors. So the customer does not have to deal with the single devices in details, but get gathered information concerning the UV-state of the system.