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Digital Sensor D-VUV 185nm for 185nm measurement back
  • The digital sensor D-VUV 185nm is intended to be used for checking ozone producing low pressure mercury UV lamps. The measurement is performed in air, the sensor front is placed directly on the lamp surface.
  • The sensor comprises a highly sensitive and stable phototube with spectral response between 120-220nm and extremely low response at 254nm.
  • The sensor is designed for use in dry rooms under laboratory conditions. It is not suitable for continuous operation and should not be operated in direct contact to the hot lamp surface for more than 30 minutes.
  • The digital sensor D-VUV 185 features digital signal processing. The measured value is internally converted into a digital signal according to ZEDs special ZCON protocol. Via RS485 this signal can be visualized using a suitable displaying system like the ZED SmartMeter or the PC software ZED Sensor Configurator.
    The designation of the measurement values is dimensionless in 'digits'.
  • Use the Sensor fastener F01 for correct mounting and repeatable positioning of the sensor at the lamp.

  • Sensor D-VUV 185nm
  • measurement setup
    with sensor fastener F01

Installation data
supply voltage: 12...24V DC
sensitive element: phototube
spectral range: 160 - 220nm
max. lamp surface temperature: 130°C (266°F)
max. measurement period: 30 minutes,
allow the sensor to cool down for at least 15 minutes before starting the next measurement period
max. pressure / IP code: The sensor is intended for use in dry rooms under laboratory conditions
in air with normal temperature and pressure.
body material: stainless steel 1.4305
dimensions: diameter: 19,8mm, length: 98mm

Digital Sensor

for checking ozone producing low pressure lamps

use with
ZED Service systems

ZED SmartMeter
PC Software Sensor Configurator

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