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UV-Sensors with SiC photodiode signal output back
  • The sensors are intended for monitoring UV lamps in water/air purification and disinfection systems
    for detecting relative UV irradiance values. (UV values are indicated in "%" or via "traffic light" with the appropriate UV-monitor)
  • These UV-sensors simply consists of a silicon carbide (SiC) diode without any internal electronic to allow high quality cost efficient projects. The measurement window adpater MF001-A allows the adaptation of the 1/4 inch sensor types SiC001/SiCT001 to reactors with ISO228 G1 inch threads.
  • The required external amplification is be maintained using ZED UV Monitors or ZED signal converters. Depending on UV monitor type the sensitivity adjustment according to the UV lamp output is performed automatically during initial setup or manually via potentiometer.
  • Due to the low silicon carbide diode (SiC) output signal the max. recommended cable length is 3m in environments with low interferences.
  • Silicon carbide (SiC) diodes are used in all ZED sensors. These daylight insensitive semiconductor material is said to be the best available material for UV sensors. Depending on application a further limitation of the spectral range might be needed. For that means types with additional UV-C filter elements are available
  • The measurement window adpater MF001-A allows the adaptation of the 1/4 inch sensor types D-SiC131/D-SiCT141 to reactors with threads for measurement window MF001 (ISO228 G1 inch)

  • UV-sensor SiC-SV01

  • UV-sensor SiCT001

  • UV-sensor SiC003 / SiC003-PG

  • UV-sensor SiC001 / SiC001-PG
Installation data
sensitive element: silicon carbide diode (SiC)
spectral range: 210 - 380nm
(220 - 290nm with UVC filter on request)
operation temperature: 0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F)
max. pressure / IP code: 10bar at quartz window / IP64 on terminal ends if connected to appropriate sensor cable (except SiC-SV01-PG)
body material : stainless steel, PTFE (depending on sensor type)
mounting: x001: pipe thread ISO228 G¼ (use MF001-A to adapt to G1)
x003: pipe thread ISO228 G¾
wiring: ready-to-use ZED sensor cables available in several lengths

UV-C sensors
with photodiode signal

use with
ZED UV Monitors


ZED UV Sensor Signal Converter

IF01 (0-5V)
IF02 (4-20mA)

use with
ZED UV Cabinets

optional: UV-Compact D

use with
ZED Accessories

G1/4" to G1" measurement window adapter MF001-A

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