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ZED Reference Sensors according to ÖNORM M5873-1 back
  • The sensors D-SiCONORM-LP-REF are intended for UV-C intensity reference measurement for checking sensors in ÖNORM/DVGW compliant systems.
    According to DVGW W294 and ÖNORM M 5873-1, annual calibration checks of the plant sensors are required. For this purpose the reference sensor is placed on the measurement position of the plant sensor and both measured values are compared with each other.
  • The digital Reference Sensors D-SiCONORM-LP-REF are calibrated irrespective of the desired displaying system.
  • The sensors feature digital signal processing. The measured value is internally converted into a digital signal according to ZEDs special ZCON protocol. Via RS485 this signal can be visualized using a suitable displaying system like the ZED SmartMeter or the PC software ZED Sensor Configurator.
    The combination of a Reference Sensor with a displaying system is the ZED Reference Radiometer.
  • The Reference sensor must be sent to the manufacturer for periodic inspection and recalibration. A recalibration of the displaying system is not necessary.
  • ÖNORM reference sensors are available for the intensity ranges 0.01...250W/m² and 0.1...500W/m²

  • Reference Sensor D-SiCONORM-LP-REF
Installation data
supply voltage: 12...24V DC
sensitive element: silicon carbide diode (SiC)
spectral range: 210 - 290nm
operation temperature: 0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F)
max. pressure / IP code: The reference sensor is not watertight, it must not be exposed to water directly. It must only be used for comparative measurements with a DVGW/OENORM compliant measurement window (e.g. ZED MF001).
body material: stainless steel 1.4305
dimensions: front dimensions according to DVGW/Önorm,
total length 93mm (plus cable)

UV-C Reference Sensors

for checking ÖNORM compliant plant sensors

use with
ZED Service systems

ZED SmartMeter
PC Software Sensor Configurator

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