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Measurement Window MF001 for mounting DVGW/ÖNORM compliant UV-Sensors back


  • for mounting of DVGW/ÖNORM compliant UV-Sensors in certified UV systems
  • according to DVGW/ÖNORM the sensor calibration must be checked annually using a standardized reference meter, for that means the facility sensor must be capable of being pulled out and replaced by the reference sensor

  • Measurement Window MF001

  • MF001 - sensor mounting
Installation data
operation temperature: 0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F)
max. pressure / IP code: 10bar at quartz window / IP64 on terminal ends if connected to appropriate sensor cable
body material: stainless steel 1.4404
mounting: pipe thread ISO228 G1", length: 20mm (0,79 inch),
union nut M30x2 for sensor fixation
dimensions: diameter: 38mm (1,49 inch), length: 65mm (2,56 inch),
wrench size: 32mm (1,26 inch)

Sensor Mounting Adapter
compliant UV sensors

use with
ZED UV-Sensors

types with digital interface:

types with analog interface:
D-SiCDVGW -I/-U2/-U10
D-SiCONORM -I/-U2/-U10

use with
ZED Service systems

for calibration check

ZED SmartMeter
PC Software Sensor Configurator

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