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Digital UV-Sensors with RS485 interface back
  • The sensors are intended for monitoring UV lamps in water/air purification and disinfection systems
    for detecting absolute UV irradiance values. (UV values are indicated in "W/m²", "mW/cm²" or "%" with the appropriate UV-monitor)
  • The D-SiCDVGW/D-SICONORM types are intended for use in certified systems in compliance to
    • German standard DVGW W294
    • Austrian standards ÖNORM M5873-1 and Vornorm ÖNORM M5873-2
      The D-SiCONORM sensors are certified by an ÖNORM accredited laboratory.
Note: According to DVGW/ÖNORM these UV-sensors are to be used with a measurement window
(e.g. ZED MF001) to allow the demanded calibration checks; ZED offers a sensor recalibration service.
  • All digital UV-sensors are adjusted to cover the complete specified measurement range.
    One sensor can be used for all applications:
    • low pressure types: range 2...500W/m²
    • medium pressure types: range 20...3000W/m²
    • customized ranges are available on request
  • Due to the digital processsing the signal transmission is fail safe regardless of the cable length (max. 30m).
  • The connection of additional sensors to the RS485 bus allows multi sensor operation.
    ZED offers several monitor types for simultaneous monitoring of 2 to 4 UV sensors. Larger numbers of sensors might be connected in parallel via RS485 to a PLC and evaluated via ModBus.
  • ZED SmartMeter and PC Software Sensor Configurator are available
    • to display and log measurement values
    • for sensor setup (e.g. select protocol type and set ModBus address)
    • for reference check
  • The measurement window MF001 is intended for mounting DVGW/ÖNORM compliant UV-Sensors in certified UV systems. The measurement window adpater MF001-A allows the adaptation of the 1/4 inch sensor types D-SiC131/D-SiCT141 to reactors with threads for measurement window MF001 (ISO228 G1 inch).

  • UV-sensor D-SiCT141

  • UV-sensor D-SiC131

  • UV-sensor D-SiC133

  • DVGW compliant
    UV-sensor D-SiCDVGW

  • ÖNORM compliant and certified
    UV-Sensor D-SiCONORM
Installation data
supply voltage: 12...24V DC
sensitive element: silicon carbide diode (SiC)
spectral range: x131/x133/x141:210 - 380nm (220 - 290nm with UVC filter on request)
xDVGW/xÖNORM: 210 - 290nm
operation temperature: 0 - 60°C (32 - 140°F)
max. pressure / IP code: x131/x133/x141: 10bar at front
xDVGW/xÖNORM: not waterproof without measurement window MF001
IP64 on terminal ends if connected to appropriate sensor cable
body material: x131/x133: stainless steel 1.4404
x141: PTFE
xDVGW/xÖNORM: stainless steel 1.4305
mounting: x131/x141: pipe thread ISO228 G¼ (use MF001-A to adapt to G1)
x133: pipe thread ISO228 G¾
xDVGW/xÖNORM: use with MF001((MF001: pipe thread ISO228 G1)
wiring: ready-to-use ZED sensor cables available in several lengths

UV-C sensors
with digital interface

RS485 using
ModBus or ZCON protocol

use with
ZED UV Monitors


use with
Control Units

*via RS485/ModBus RTU

use with
ZED UV Cabinets

UV-Compact D

use with
ZED Service systems

ZED SmartMeter
PC Software Sensor Configurator

use with
ZED Accessories

G1/4" to G1" measurement window adapter MF001-A

measurement window MF001

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