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ZED UV Cabinet ZCAB back


  • out-of-the-box UV cabinet
    • electronic ballasts PHplus for one to four low pressure lamps
    • hour counter for operation hours, lamp hours replacement indication...
    • UV-C monitoring
      using up to 4 D-SiCplus sensors
    • temperature monitoring
      • external temperature sensor
      • internal temperature sensor
        and controlled fan for ballast cooling
  • status indication
    • multicolor LCD
    • green, red and yellow LEDs
  • optional:
    status forwarding / remote operation
    • remote start input
    • 4-20mA signal input
    • 4-20mA signal output (UV or Dimm value forwarding to PLC)
    • 3 switching outputs (status indication or remote switching)

  • ZCAB - scheme
Installation data
supply voltage: 230V AC ± 10% /45-65Hz
efficiency: >90%
operation temperature: internal temperature monitor, overheating protection
ambient temperature: 0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F)
IP code: IP54
dimensions (LxWxD) : 480 x 350 x 150 mm (18,86 x 13,75 x 5,90 inch)

lamp power: 100...600W
digital sensor interface

use with
ZED UV Sensors

all types with
digital interface
lateral UV detection

use with
ZED Temperature Sensors

digital types D-ST

use with
ZED Ballasts

1...2 x R600PHplus-B
1...2 x R2x300PHplus-B
1 x R3x300PHplus-R
1 x R4x300PHplus-R
(type and numbers of ballasts
depending on lamp power)

use with
Control Units

(via 4-20mA signals
or switching inputs/outputs)

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